Lessons In Software Development Part 1

Posted by: Abhin Chhabra 6 years, 3 months ago


Being a bit late to the importance-of-testing party, I’ve only recently started appreciating its benefits. But now that I get it, it’s great!

I’m currently working on the assessment features of Uberlearner (on the develop_assessment branch). And it’s going to be completely test-driven! Over time, I plan to add tests to all the other code that I wrote before I saw the light.

Here are some videos that got me started. Hope they can do the same for you:

There were also some videos in pyvideo.org This in particular was very useful: Carl Meyer - Testing and Django

And for a variety of contradictory talks (like “test with mock” and “stop mocking, start testing”):http://pyvideo.org/search?models=videos.video&q=testing