PyBlocks: A great way to learn coding

Posted by: Abhin Chhabra 3 years, 8 months ago


I wrote my first piece of code in grade 4 using a programming language called "Logo". The whole experience consisted of a little turtle that I could command to move using simple instructions (e.g. FORWARD 50) and it would draw a line as it moved. It was the first time I got introduced to the joys of programming and the gratification from making something creative.

I think it would be cool to learn Python using a similar method. So I created a web application called PyBlocks. In PyBlocks, you can place cubes in a space by writing simple Python code and providing their position in X, Y and Z dimensions. You can use this simple idea to make both simple and complex structures.

The current version is the first iteration of the application (read: be gentle with criticism). Over the coming days, I plan to add more features to the application, such as:

  • A set of tutorials that would introduce one programming concept at a time
  • Prettier blocks :)
  • The ability to save structures you create
  • A gallery of the most viewed/liked structures
  • The ability to like structures other people have created
  • User accounts!
  • The ability to configure the types of blocks (color, dimensions etc.)

Stay tuned for more features and go have fun with PyBlocks!